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Vocalist Wanted for Covers Band

Fancy being a lead vocalist? One of my adult students is looking for a vocalist to join an existing group line up of guitar, bass and drums. For more information following the link below.


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Why learning and playing the guitar is not just awesome, it’s good for your brain too!

I came across this video on YouTube regarding the impact that learning and playing an instrument has on our brain. I think it’s pretty amazing, check it out!


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The RWGT Guitar Gym

Last week concluded the first RWGT Guitar Gym course. A course where I led a small group through various guitar-based workouts to focus on building technique and timing. I am thrilled with the positive feedback from course and wanted to share their thoughts with you…


“I found that Gordon’s Guitar Gym took me onto another level of finger board and picking dexterity whilst learning to stay in time with varying time signatures.

The lessons can be very ability stretching but at the same time very enjoyable and light hearted. Gordon ensures you get the most out of his expertly constructed exercises which open up various runs using the entire neck and strings of the guitar which also includes string hopping. I found that by practicing the exercises in between each Gym session benefited me in getting the most out of this course.

I would say you should be able to play most common chords to gain the most from the Guitar Gym. However, that said, you are never rushed in the gym sessions and if your ability is not quite as good as some of the others in the class, Gordon will spend time with you to help you along and give encouragement.

After just 4 sessions with Gordon my ability playing the guitar has improved markedly.”


Tony A



“Gordon puts you totally at ease in lessons and whilst they can be challenging, most importantly, they are fun. The Guitar Gym puts you with a small group of like-minded players which will spur you on and help each other as you will all have different strengths. I found the regular monitoring of performance really useful and highlights the improvements you are making.”


Ian J



” The Guitar Gym was a brilliant and rewarding experience for me. It is a great way to accelerate guitar skills in a relaxed but purposeful way.

An intensive work-out with loads of new ideas and practical material to hone and develop guitar technique. Top class! “


Peter R



If you would like to join the next RWGT Guitar Gym Course please email me at: gordon@riverswayguitartuition.co.uk

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Pure Guitar Creativity!

As a guitar teacher there is nothing more rewarding then when a student starts to create and forge their own musical voice on the guitar.  Below is Dexter, one of my under 17 students who has created his own instrumental guitar piece inspired by the computer game Minecraft.

Dexter gets a HUGE blue YouTube thumbs up like from me!


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