Read below what Gordon's students have to say about their
experience with Rivers Way Guitar Tuition...

Matt K Adult Student

“Mr Rivers you’ve have given me several keys which have opened up the guitar for me, I no longer look at it the same. I look at a guitar now and feel like “I’m winning”. I’m conquering and yet there are many more summits still to climb but I’ve come quite a way now :-)”

Phoebe P Under 17 Student

"Gordon has taught me more in a few months than any other guitar teacher I’ve had before. I find his way of teaching means I understand so can pick things up much better; it makes sense. I like how he wants to find out about the music I’m interested in and then adds this into his lesson plans”.

Hardi D Adult Student

"Gordon is a highly knowledgeable and obviously accomplished guitarist and teacher. His patient approach and calm teaching style allows for excellent knowledge transfer of both practical skills and guitar music theory. It truly has been pleasure learning with Gordon and my knowledge of playing the guitar has improved tenfold since working with him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rivers Way Guitar Tuition for both beginners and professional guitar players looking to further their skills."

Peter R Adult Student

"Gordon has been the find of my guitar playing life."

Steffan L Under 17 Student

"I started learning the guitar at school but find Gordon's lessons so much more fun! ... With Gordon's help, I'm now hoping to start learning Electric Guitar too."

Simon L Adult Student

"I had owned a guitar for a number of years... Thank you for your help Gordon, I couldn't recommend you highly enough."

Chris G Adult Student

"I have been taking lessons with Gordon for several months now and I have found him to be a fantastic teacher who approaches every lesson with enthusiasm. Lessons are structured around what you want to learn and always strike the right balance between theory and practical learning. If you want to learn to learn to play the guitar and, most importantly, enjoy yourself while doing so, then I highly recommend that you book a lesson with Gordon"

Nia S Under 17 Student

"I really love my guitar lessons with Gordon. He pushes me to do well and I like that. He’s relaxed which helps me relax. I have learnt a lot of amazing things and am looking forward to learning a lot more. He’s also a fantastic guitar player. Always there if a question needs to be asked.”"

Alex C Under 17 Student

"Rivers Way Guitar Tuition is brilliant if you are not sure what to do in order to take your guitar playing further. Lessons are made fun and Gordon is great in tailoring lessons to your needs. I would highly recommend Gordon to anyone who is thinking about starting guitar lessons!"

Lisa B Adult Student

"Gordon is an approachable and understanding teacher. I was a complete novice and found him to be a very knowledgeable and fun teacher. I enjoy my lessons and always come out feeling that I have learnt so much in the half hour I am there. I highly recommend Gordon and have also recommended him to my friends."

Sean M Adult Student

"Since Covid, Gordon has continued to deliver his teaching through RGL... Thanks Gordon!"

Charles Q Adult Student

"Gordon is a fantastic guitar teacher, I learned a lot and would highly recommend to anybody looking to improve."

Kirien C Adult Student

"Have had various lessons with Gordon and have found him to be an excellent tutor with well-planned lessons. If a particular thing isn’t working he finds a different way to achieve the end goal, be it a tricky barre chord or awkward strumming pattern."

Tourfic H Under 17 Student

"You are a very good teacher and I had a great time, because you made me love playing the guitar in a fun way that was exciting and cool."

Morgan S Adult Student

"I was returning to guitar lessons and chose Gordon as he was local to myself. Gordon was great and gave me back my confidence in learning again. Great teacher for all levels and ages of student."

Tom M Adult Student

"Can’t say enough how good a teacher Gordon is! Easy and relaxed, allowing to work at your own pace, yet always encouraging and showing me something new! Didn’t have a chance to ever get bored, and even theory is easy and fun to learn when you learn it the Rivers Way! Gordon has given me a solid understanding of the guitar and I can’t thank him enough for it!"

Carl R Adult Student

"Gordon always finds ways to work out methods which suit the apprentice, and not all txt book teaching, which makes the learning more enjoyable. I have learnt a lot from Gordon and keen to learn more."

Barry L Adult Student

"After finally getting around to getting a guitar, I contacted Gordon and arranged lessons. Gordon got me up and running very quickly, and I was playing songs and simple solos in no time. Gordon is very patient and is a great teacher, he tailors your lessons around the sort of music you like to play and is always available for any questions or problems you may have between lessons."

Darren W Adult Student

"I have been making a noise with my guitars for many years, learning bits and bobs from books and by watching music videos of my favourite bands hoping that one day i will be able to pick up my guitar and play a song throughout properly, well this has gone on like this for the past 25 years so i thought right that’s it i need to find someone who can help me progress, someone who doesn’t preach but teach, someone who makes you the focal point and wants you to achieve what you want and not what he wants. I found just the guy. Gordon Rivers is such a nice guy with a great teaching style that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the lessons. In fact the lessons feel more like a jamming session with a mate. He puts a lot of effort into your progression and that means a lot to me and i am sure many others. Its never about him its always about you. I only wish i had met him years ago. A big thank you Gordon for your patience and guidance and for being the perfect tutor"

Ellie S Under 17 Student

"Gordon is an awesome music teacher, I have learnt so much since going to RWGT. He always makes lessons fun and interesting, I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar."

Sue B Adult Student

"Gordon is a very patient teacher, I came back to playing the guitar only recently after an injury forced me stop playing over 25 years ago. Gordon’s approach to teaching and encouragement has been extremely helpful in regaining confidence in my ability to improve as a player, as well as improving my theory knowledge and suggesting new musical avenues to explore. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Laura S Under 17 Student

"A really great very enthusiastic teacher."

Job G Under 17 Student

"I have been enjoying learning guitar with rivers way tuition, it is a good way of learning guitar in new ways."

Jackie M Adult Student

"I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar but at 50 I felt too old and too embarrassed to be a beginner. I needn’t have worried. Gordon is an incredibly patient and dedicated teacher. If you have ever thought ‘I wish I could play guitar’ then call Gordon NOW and get started …you really won’t regret it."

Kate R Adult Student

"Gordon is a very positive and encouraging teacher. I’ve gone from being a complete novice to a certified guitar rock chick! And I love it!!!!"

Azian A Adult Student

"Coming from a non-musical background, I am impressed with how Gordon has approached the lessons. He started off with the basics of how to read notes, what they mean, how to transfer them onto the guitar and the various techniques to play it. I find his lessons clear and very easy to follow.

Gordon has made the lessons fun by moving me into the direction of why I wanted to learn guitar in the first place i.e. that is to put music into the poems I wrote, and being able to play my favourite song!

He is always patient and encouraging, and offers a lot of guidance along the way. Time and time again, he emphasises on the bad habits that students tend to pick up whilst learning the instrument, and I am grateful he has pointed them out!

Even with the very limited time to practice due to work and family commitments, I have progressed to to someone who can play and remember the notes, and am very please with the progress I have made so far."

Mike M Adult Student

"I had always wanted to learn the guitar and finally started in my forties with Gordon. He quickly appreciated what I wanted to gain from playing and with his relaxed but purposely approach has successfully enabled me to play for the family – thank you Gordon for setting me on the journey"

Tony U Adult Student

"Very understanding, patient and a pleasure to be tutored by. Always making learning a easy pleasure and lessons are well structured."

P Forbes Under 17 Parent

"Gordon has been a fantastic teacher to our daughter, Aisling. She is really enthusiastic about learning and practicing her acoustic guitar. Gordon makes the lessons interesting and relevant to today’s musical trends. He has a great rapport with kids."

Mats C Under 17 Student

"I have just passed my Grade 3 guitar with Distinction thanks to my awesome teacher and all his support and belief in me. My guitar lessons always make me feel good and motivated to play. Gordon is very encouraging and lessons have helped me with self confidence."

Colin W Adult Student

"Gordon is a patient, friendly teacher with a fantastic sense of humour. As a near-beginner he assessed my needs & existing skills, set achievable goals, and provided encouragement when I got frustrated at myself. Technically expert and always happy to help, I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Mhairi M Under 17 Student

"I’ve learned a lot from Gordon. He is so friendly and a patient, hardworking teacher."

G Harrison Adult Student

"I really like the way Gordon has a structured approach to teaching, but also adds music you like to keep it interesting"

Paul R Adult Student

"Gordon provides an excellent balance of guitar theory foundation in context with learning the songs you’ve always wanted to play! This sets the scene in order to learn more complex arrangements in an easy progressive way."

Mike H Adult Student

"I would like to recommend and thank Gordon for his general patience in allowing me to achieve a life time ambition to play the guitar."

Barry G Adult Student

"Gordon quickly identified the skills I needed and arranged the lessons to fulfil the need, very well done."

Alising F Under 17 Student

"Positive, fun and a great teacher!"

Vince M Adult Student

"I was recommended to ‘RIVERS WAY GUITAR TUITION’ by a friend and so received my first lesson free! I walked out of that first lesson feeling guilty that I’d not paid as I felt I had a great teacher in Gordon but that i’d also gained a friend. 3 months on from virtual beginner status I’m starting on my grades. I have learnt my favourite Pink Floyd song with Gordon’s help, but after the radical teaching of Slides, Double stops, bends and pull offs I realise that I need to start at the beginning. Gordon lets you steer the way you want to go and I’m sure with his help I’ll achieve far more than I ever thought I would, and that my guitar will become a companion for life."

Andy A Adult Student

"Great teacher, awesome guitar player – mixes popular songs with practical and theory, allowing lessons to remain fun while preparing me for the exams – highly recommended."

Joanne S Under 17 Parent

"We have been delighted with Gordon’s tuition – Alex showed a keen interest in learning the guitar, although she wasn’t sure where it would take her. Gordon gave her a really positive introduction and she learned all the basics very quickly. Alex’s experience with Gordon has been exciting and fun, and will lead her on to enjoy music and guitar for life I’m sure! Thanks very much Gordon, you have been fabulous to work with"

Rachel H Adult Student

"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Gordon. Coming to guitar a bit later in life than some, he has had to be patient on occasion and despite not practising as much as I should, the lessons have always been fun and very enjoyable. The approach is innovative and makes learning easy. Gordon is very friendly and I felt at ease from day one. I wish my piano teacher at school had been like him!"

Mrs F Colling Unde 17 Parent

"Mats loves his lessons! He has learnt so much in 10 months – lots of cool riffs- exactly what a 12 year old wants to be playing! He is totally in awe of your guitar skills and patience. He would have a lesson every day if he could."

Mina G Under 17 Student

"For anyone, young, or in my case old, wishing to learn to play guitar, I would not hesitate to recommend Gordon and his ‘Rivers Way’ of teaching”. J Smith (Adult Student) “Gordon has taught me lots of different techniques, riffs and exercises that have developed my overall guitar knowledge and playing. Gordon also has a very kind and fun personality that makes sure I learn guitar in the most enjoyable way. I think he is a very skilled guitarist and loves sharing his passion with his students."

Mark L Adult Student

"Rivers Way Guitar Tuition helped me overcome fundamental mistakes to make me a confident player."

Mrs P Allen Under 17 Parent

"My son had been having lessons with Gordon over the last few months and I can honestly say- it is the highlight of his week! His progress has been amazing. Gordon gets just the right balance between work and fun, hence my son counts down the days between lessons!"

Nick O Adult Student

"I love the relaxed atmosphere of the lessons and the positivity from Gordon. As a total beginner it really helps to hear what I am doing right, where I have improved, and being given the tips and techniques on how to get even better!"

Mrs A McKenzie Under 17 Parent

"Zac has wanted to play guitar since he was 4. Now at the grand old age of 8, he is loving learning to play the rock tunes he enjoys listening to on his ipod. After one year of lessons with Gordon, he genuinely looks forward to each lesson and is as enthusiastic and motivated as we could possibly hope for. We whole-heartedly believe this is in no small part down to Gordons motivation and enthusiasm to see his students enjoying playing their guitar"

J Mills Under 17 Parent

"Gordon has a fantastic approach in teaching Guitar – enjoyable, fun, interesting with all aspects of music explained thoroughly with fantastic & enjoyable homework. My 9yr old son has really enjoyed the lessons with Gordon since he started a few months ago – so if there are any young budding musicians out there wishing to play Guitar then Gordon Rivers is your man – fantastic."

David J Adult Student

"I used to do these guitar lessons at school but they were really boring. Then my mum found Gordon Rivers guitar tuition and everything changed. Funny, inspirational, great to be with."

L Rose Under 17 Parent

"Gordon Rivers has been teaching my son to play the electric guitar for a few years now. He is the friendliest, professional guitar teaching I’ve met. My son Brad always looks forward to his lessons and comes away with lots of new knowledge Brad’s skill level has been achieved by his determination and the constant drive, encouragement and high level of teaching from Gordon."

Brad F Under 17 Student

"Gordon Rivers’ lessons are very educational but fun at the same time. He teaches me what I need to know along with what I want to know. He is very friendly and encourages me to keep focused."

K Cooper Under 17 Parent

"My teenage daughter always comes out of her guitar lessons smiling, enthusiastic and feeling good about herself as she is always able to recognise her achievements during her lessons.I think this is down to Gordon’s skilful but fun teaching. As a parent I find Gordon to be very professional and friendly and very easy to communicate with. Thank you."

E Cooper Under 17 Student

"I really enjoy my lessons with Gordon, as they’re always engaging and fun. As well as learning lots of techniques to aid my playing, Gordon has also really helped me to understand the theory side of things, which has been extremely helpful for my GCSE in music."

Nick B Adult Student

"I am 31 and had never previously picked up an instrument until now. I was fortunate enough to acquire an electric guitar from a friend so I decided on taking lessons. Within the first lesson Gordon taught me about posture, technique, and approach as well as some theory. Since that first lesson he has continued to teach me about scales, shapes and chords to give me the tools to be able to play for myself. I am now a few months into my guitar playing and am starting to put theory into practice within my own home. Gordon is a very patient teacher and will happily repeat an exercise if you haven’t fully understood it the first time round. After a lesson Gordon will quite often set you some homework to work on before the next lesson and if you have any queries he will respond to your emails. Overall I would highly recommend RWGT for whatever level you are at and you will not be disappointed."

Paul B Adult Student

"I’ve been playing guitar, self-taught, for many years, but always felt there was more – and there was. Gordon tailored lessons that not only built on my knowledge and ability but also expanded my creative “toolbox”.

On my own I was in a rut going around in circles going over the same thing with no focus, but having lessons has given me something to aim for and a sense of new achievement.

Gordon’s enthusiasm and approachable personality also make lessons fun as well as rewarding."

Ian B Adult Student

"Having had guitar lessons some years ago from another teacher my playing was going nowhere so I decided to seek help from Gordon.

From the first free lesson I realised it was the right decision.

With Gordon’s patience and methods, I now have the knowledge to play and improvise using the whole fretboard. It’s now up to me to put that knowledge into practice.

I enjoyed and gained a lot from my lessons with Gordon."

Danny D Under 17 Student

"I really enjoy my guitar lessons with Gordon; I have learnt so much. He is a very patient and encouraging teacher..."

Scott R Under 17 Parent

“Gordon is an excellent teacher and has a great rapport with the children... We would happily recommend Gordon to anyone who is looking for an excellent guitar teacher”.

Anthony C Adult Student

“Gordon is a great teacher. He is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and a lovely bloke...”

Joshua B Under 17 Student

“I have massively improved as a guitar player over the last year thanks to Gordon... my guitar music is sounding better than ever!”

Kevin C Adult Student

“Gordon is a very patient Guitar Tutor, i was very nervous at first but with his reassurance i quickly made progress...”

Stephen R Adult Student

“Gordon is an excellent teacher. His lessons are fun and relaxed and he provides all the materials needed to practice at home. Highly recommended.”