Gordon Rivers

Guitar Teacher in Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh

Master the Guitar with Gordon Rivers ALCM(TD), DipLCM: Your Path to Musical Excellence

Welcome to Rivers Way Guitar Tuition, where Grade 8 electric and acoustic guitarist, former Rock School guitar tutor and London College of Music accredited guitar teacher, Gordon Rivers ALCM(TD), DipLCM, transforms aspiring musicians into confident guitarists. Gordon’s expertise ensures you build a solid foundation in both practical skills and music theory, setting you on the path to guitar mastery.

At Rivers Way Guitar Tuition, Gordon goes beyond traditional lessons. He offers a comprehensive learning experience that not only teaches you how to play the guitar but also hones your performance skills. His unique approach equips you with the tools to excel as a musician, boosting your confidence and stage presence.

Whether your musical dreams are grand or modest, Gordon’s personalized one-on-one guitar lessons cater to all beginners. sessions are designed to be affordable, engaging, and enjoyable, creating a relaxed environment where learning is fun. Start your guitar journey with Rivers Way Guitar Tuition today, and unlock your full musical potential.

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